Hoops Companion "Creating Your Coaching Portfolio" Course

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Hoops Companion "Creating Your Coaching Portfolio" Course

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The Hoops Companion "Build Your Coaching Portfolio" Course is a tool to help you, as a basketball coach looking to improve their craft, create a physical or digital document that expresses their coaching philosophy in EVERY aspect.

The applications for this document are endless, but several coaches have used this document as:

  • a document to hand to interviewers and potential employers
  • a coaching "bible" to organize their thoughts, beliefs, and philosophies about the game in one place
  • information to pass on to your feeder program coaches to encourage alignment in your program (JV, Middle, AAU, Parks and Rec, etc.)
  • information for your players, coaching staff, or even parents to help them get a better understanding of the overall goal, mission, and philosophies you have as a coach

When you sign up, you'll receive 8 modules/sessions to work through (at your own pace).

The sessions are:

  1. Building a Mission Statement, Resume, and Experience List
  2. Program Building
  3. Culture Implementation
  4. Offensive Scheme and Concepts
  5. Defensive Scheme and Concepts
  6. Skill Development
  7. Little Big Things
  8. How to Format Your Portfolio/Interview Ideas

There is no stone left uncovered in this course - we cover every aspect of program building, analysis, and maintenance.

Hear what a few coaches who have participated in the course have to say:

"It was a great course to promote new ideas and refine ideas I already had. I loved being able to ask questions and pitch ideas to colleagues. This course really helped me find the weaknesses in my portfolio and refine my strengths. I would recommend it for anyone looking to become a head coach." (Todd Zasadil)

"This course was an incredibly beneficial deep dive into the "why" of literally every tiny thing that I/we do in our program. I feel like anyone who feels like they might not have a grasp on how they see themselves as a coach should think about doing this course." (Quinn Martin)

"This was a great tool to help synthesize my thoughts and get them down on paper. The course covered pretty much all aspects of a program and forced you to get clear and concise about how you would run the program." (Torey LaFerney)

In addition to signing up for the course, you'll receive:

  • 3 free months of Hoops Companion Extra (a subscription-based newsletter that helps curate resources for coaches)
  • lifetime access to the Hoops Companion Resources Folder - this is where samples from previous (and future) participants are kept for your reference
  • access to me ANY time you want me to look over your portfolio for any reason - content, editing, proofreading, formatting, to bounce ideas

Money Back Guarantee

Finish the course and are unsatisfied with the product?

Didn't think value matched the cost?

If you're not satisfied with this course, we'll hand your money right back to you - no questions asked. That's how much I believe in the impact of this course.

What are you waiting for?

Take this opportunity to improve yourself as a coach and leader.

Your players and coaching staff will thank you.

See you on the other side!

I want this!

Once you submit payment, you'll access to each module and step-by-step guide to build your coaching portfolio.

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